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Fat Daddy's

Jay Kranchalk

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103C W Fremont St,
Burgaw, NC 28425

Date Opened:

August 1st, 2020

Meet the Owner

With the core mission of bringing visitors back downtown and away from the chain restaurants lining the neighboring highway; Johnson instinctively knew a New York-style pizza always draws a crowd. After failing to find a pizzeria owner who wanted to move to Burgaw he approached Jay Kranchalk, a retired teacher of 22 years. Kranchalk didn’t quite see “restaurant owner” in his future but Johnson thought he might be interested in the opportunity of a lifetime; a turn key restaurant. That’s when Fat Daddy’s Pizza was born.

Johnson helped Kranchalk in the beginning by finding mentorships with other pizzeria owners. The pizzeria quickly became a town staple and far exceeded their original business goals.



August 1st, 2020

Brought along in 2019, Jay Kranchalk became the owner-operator of Fat Daddy’s, collaborating with Richard Johnson to revitalize Burgaw, NC.

September 2019, Richard Johnson and Jay broke ground on Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria.

Fat Daddy’s officially opened to the public Saturday, August 1st, 2020. The town of Burgaw immediately took Jay in, selling him out of pizza the first day!

Since the conception and execution of Fat Daddy’s, more than 7 new businesses have emerged in Burgaw.

Chef Preparing Pizza
Beer Samples
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